Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ceiling Panels

Many ceilings in older properties can prove problematic especially in bathrooms where the moist conditions can lead to damp patches or mould growth.

All of the panels sold by The Bathroom Marquee are suitable for use on ceilings but some look better than others, there is a list of panels that we think work well at the bottom of our ceiling cladding page.

If you have an older, Victorian style property some of the white panels that we offer can look a little to stark in colour, so luckily Decos produce a Classic White panel in their Labo range that is ideally suited to the sympathetic refurbishment of period style bathrooms.

There is a comprehensive section on period styling on the BBC site.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Price Reduction

Since introducing the Ligno 10 range of waterproof wall panelling we have been offering a 20% discount off the list price of £3.24

We have decided to make the offer price permanent so that you no longer need to enter a voucher code to enjoy the lower cost.

Click the image above to visit the product page for Ligno 10 and find out more about this panelling.

The new price is £25.90 per pack of 10 panels - making this panel less than £10 per square metre.

New Panelling Added

We have just added the Tinto range from Decos to our inventory.

There currently three colours in this range offered by The Bathroom Marquee: Desert, Sky Blue and Glacier.

This offers our customers a little more choice for those looking for a matt finish wall panel as most of the other panels tend to be a gloss finish.

The colours lend themselves well to the modern bathroom setting but, being matt, they are also perfectly suitable for use in other rooms around the home, as can be seen from the bedroom setting in the photo.

As with all of our wall panels they are totally waterproof and can be used in shower rooms, wet rooms and shower cubicles.

Bathroom Windows

You've installed your new suite. You've fitted out your bathroom with waterproof wall panelling. You've fitted new bathroom accessories. Now, what do you do with the window? Roller blinds? Venetian Blinds? Curtains?

There are some ideas over at UK TV Style on their "ask the expert" section.

There is also some good information on bathroom window dressing on Creating Better Homes with the article "window ideas for bathrooms"

When using our decorative wall panelling in bathrooms you might have enough off-cuts left over to line the window reveals but it is always worth allowing at least one extra panel for this (you will also need an external corner trim for the joint between the walls and the the reveal).

Any blinds, curtains or screen that you then put up can be fixed through the panels using one of the fixing methods shown in our installation section.