Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Although we have only just launched the Blanca range of matt white ceiling panels from Decos, we have just been informed that two of the panel lengths will no longer be available in the Classic White. They will, however, be available in Ultra White so the range now reads as follows:

2.5m - Classic White
3.0m - Ultra White
5.0m - Classic White
6.0m - Ultra White

Previously the panels were only available in Classic White so at least customers looking for a matt finish panel for their bathroom ceiling have two choices of colour - even if the length options have been reduced.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Spaceline 333

We have been running a clearance promotion on Spaceline 333 wall panels (these are a wider version of the 250mm Spaceline but with a v-groove joint).

Spaceline 333 is being discontinued and stocks of the Silver Grey and Jade are now depleted. There may be some more of this product left with the manufacturers in Belgium but at present the UK warehouse has no more available. There is still some stock available of in Blue and Rose (42 packs and 44 packs at time of posting).

If ordering online please use our "pay offline" facility as we can check stock levels and arange delivery before processing your payment.

Spaceline 250 is not being discontinued and there are healthy stocks available of all colours.