Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stock Levels

Stock levels for both Grosfillex and Decos waterproof wall panelling are now back to normal following the Summer shutdowns by both manufactuers.

Although the UK importers did an excellent job of trying to pre-guess the stocks needed to see them through the shutdown, there are always one or two products that get cleaned out unexpectantly, and consequently some of the panelling orders had to go on back order.

There have all been cleared and we are all now raring to go.

Outasight - height issues

The Outasight concealed shower curtain system is suitable for use in conjunction with an overbath shower.

One problem that some people ask about is whether the unit is easy to operate if you are below average height.

Opening the unit is easy as the gas strut opens pushes the arm up automatically, and the curtain is pulled out from the middle, not the top. Shorter people sometime find it easier to close the unit while still standing in the bath, as this will give you an extra couple of inches of reach. The overall height will be 1.4mt (about 4' 6") plus the depth of your bath.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

An additional, natural looking panel

We previously posted regarding panels that give a natural stone effect - one of the most popular current trends in bathroom design. We have recently added a third panel suitable for this type of scheme - Tinto Desert.

Although the above image shows the Sky Blue and Glacier options it is also available in Desert which gives an extremely pleasing, light beige stone effect.




Along with the Beige Stone and Naugeux Beige panels from Grosfillex there is now a comprehensive choice of panels for those looking to acheive a natural stone look in their bathroom.