Thursday, July 25, 2013

Labo Bathroom Ceiling Panels


We just noticed that some of the images on our Labo page were not very clear so we have just updated the page with some better photos and clearer descriptions. The manufacturers have helpfully not provided any photos of this product so we have had to rely on images sent in by our customers - luckily quite a few of our customers have undertaken some stunning refurbishments and provided us with pictures of their handywork.

Labo is one of our most popular panels for ceilings (in fact it is probably the most popular) as it comes in a variety of lengths (2.6m,4.5m & 6.0m) and two different types of white - Ultra White and Classic White (Classic White being the creamier of the two). This type of cladding also comes with the option of a silver or gold effect infill strip, ideal if you want to make a feature of the bathroom ceiling.

Although mainly used on ceilings Labo is perfectly at home on bathroom walls and providing it is installed without the infill strip is ideal for use in shower areas. It is easy  to fit and is totally waterproof.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outasight Spare Parts

Following a change of policy we are no longer able to supply spare parts for the Outasight ourselves. Any spare parts including curtains will now have to be ordered directly from Outasight themselves.

They can be contacted on 01302 775456

Bathroom Cladding Video

We have just added a new bathroom cladding video to our YouTube channel:

This video is just a quick summary of what bathroom cladding is, what it is made from and how it works, followed by some examples of our most popular panels. It is only a couple of minutes long and intended as a brief introduction to those unfamiliar with the product.

We will be adding the video to our own website shortly but you can click the box above for a sneak preview.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Online Brochure

Our online brochure has been updated. Rather than have a glossary listing the featured panels we have now included the product name with each image to make identification easier and quicker. We have also expanded the brochure and updated some the images for the new format. The brochure is available in PDF format:

Online Wall Panel Brochure

Friday, July 05, 2013

Advanced Notice of Summer Shutdown

Please note that we will be closed for two weeks during August, closing at 3.00pm on Fri 2nd. If you are planning any work for next month please ensure you get your orders in early so that they will be delivered in plenty of time!

Customer Gallery

As part of our rolling program of site improvements we have just added a new format customer gallery.

We have new images and an easier to navigate layout to see some of the impressive work carried out by our customers. We have 8 room shots available at the moment but will be adding  more to this next week once we work our way through the backlog of images we have!

We have also updated the Testimonials Page to make it a little clearer and added in some more of your kind comments.

More updates to come next week...