Monday, April 10, 2006

The Bathroom Marquee - Easter closing

The Bathroom Marquee will be shut on Good Friday and will re-open on Wednesday 19th April after th Easter Weekend.

Fixing Wall Panels Over Wallpaper

We regularly get asked if it is possible to install the panels over wallpaper. It is possible - but it depends on the underlying structure of the wall.

If you have plasterboard walls the panels can be attached using a mechanical fixing. The best way would be to use a staple gun and secret-fix the panels through the tongue:

If you stick the panels to the wall you are relying on the adhesive bonding to the paper and the paper bonding to the wall - so effectively you are relying on wallpaper paste! It would be better to try and scrape off some of the paper (you don't have to be very fussy about this) and stick directly to the wall.