Friday, October 13, 2006

Mould Free Grout and Sealant

We recently came across two products that looked interesting in that they both have been manufacturered to incorporate Microban, an antibacterial material that can be added to products to make them mould free.

The products in question were grout and silicone sealant - both products that can be adversely affected by mould growth (although faulty application/installation can also be a major cause of these types of products failing).

The grout is made by BAL - details can be found on their website at (look under rthe catalogue section of the BAL pages)

The silicone is Forever White by Everbuild - details on

Discontinued Lines

There is still some product left with the UK importers of a few of the recently deleted Grosfillex wall panels.

Evol 3000 Satin White is still available at the time of posting as is Ambiance Natural Wood.

There are also some panels availble that we have never sold via the web site namely Evol 2000 in Grey Marble, Beige Marble, Peach Marble and Gren Marble. These are 250mm wide boards, 2.7m long and come in at £12.99 per panel. A flush effect version of Ambiance Pink Marble is also available.

Baltic Blue, Evol 2000 Dark Blue and Mineral Turquoise are now depleted and we will alter the web site to refelct this.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Outasight Spares List

We have now been selling the Outasight concealed bath shower screen for nearly three years. Up until now we have had very little call for spares for the product but obvioulsy nothing lasts forever and we know that customers are going to require spares for their Outasights at some point.

Following a meeting with Outasight last week we have now been given a price list for spares - we will be completely re-vamping the web site in the next few weeks and will be adding the spares to our shopping cart system. In the meantime just give us a ring if you require any spares.

Retail price incl. V.A.T.

Strut £25.00
Curtain £39.99
End cap £4.99
Strut bit £4.99
Hinge £7.99
Curtain clip £4.99
Magnet £5.99
Curtain pole £9.99
Plastic strip £5.99
(for end of replacement curtain if not saved out of original curtain)