Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Finishing Off Ceiling Cladding

A lot of our previous posts have been about ceiling cladding - and so's this one!

A couple of people have asked about coving trims to use with our ceiling cladding products. At present we do not have any of these profiles available via the web site but they are available from the manufacturers. We will be adding these to the site soon - in the meantime please get in touch by phone or e-mail if you are interested in these products.

One of the reasons we held back on coving trims is that some of them cannot be fitted to ceiling panels - they have to be used in conjunction with wall panelling. If you are not installing wall cladding this is a bit of a problem. The coving trims can be used if you remove the tab and stick it in place with adhesive, but this rather defeats the object, and you could just as easily use any other form of coving.

Grosfillex do offer a solution with their coving as it comes in two parts with the backing put in place before the ceiling cladding is fitted, and the finishing trim is clipped in place after installation.

Grosfillex's Multi-Trim can also be used as a clip on edging and, again, is a two part product, enabling the finishing profile to be fitted after the ceiling is installed.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Any colour, as long as it's white

Despite having many different colours and finishes in our range white still seems to be very popular. It is the perfect choice for use on ceilings but many customers opt for white when they come to selecting wall panelling as well.

For this reason we have quite a few different white wall and ceiling panels in our range to try and ensure we have something for everyone.

The current list of white panels include the following:

There might even be a few more added to our range soon, including different lengths of our popular Labo White panels.