Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Customer Testimonial

Mr Scruton of Scunthorpe has just used some our panels in his shower room to great effect. Here's what he had to say:

"I have attached photos showing before and after the work was carried out. The old tiles and grout were discoloured and the artexed ceiling was peeling away. Mosaic Azure Blue panels were used on the shower walls and Labo Ultra White Panel on the ceiling.

The results are simply stunning and the whole room has been transformed, coving trim was used to compliment the effect.

The product is excellent and not difficult to apply and the customer service I received from The Bathroom Marquee was second to none. Highly recommended."

Here are some photos of the work that Mr Scruton carried out:


The problems that this customer had with their existing shower are all too common. Tiles are ideal for use in shower - it's the grout that's the problem! Here, the grout has discoloured and short of raking it all out and starting from scratch there is no way to totally eradicate the mould that causes the grout to fail. Even if you opt to rake all of the grout out there is no guarantee that the mould won't return.

The second common problem that affects this shower is the ceiling. Most ceiling covering just cannot cope with the moist and wet conditins that are found in bathrooms and showers - especially above a cubicle. Moisture has got behind the painted surface which has then affected the Artex and the whole lot has started to peel.

Installing our shower wall panels and ceiling panels will solve both problems in one go. The mosaic effect panels have no grout so there is nothing to turn mouldy and the ceiling panels are totally impervious to moisture so will not flake or crack.