Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choosing Between Bathroom Wall Panels and Tiles

If you are thinking of re-decorating your bathroom then one of the main issues you will be faced with is to choose a wall covering for your project.

Until quite recently the first choice of most people would be to opt for ceramic tiles but recently other products have entered people's consciousness that can offer a waterproof surface together with a range of benefits that tiles simply cannot match.

Personal taste will always play a big part in the eventual choice but in today's busy world the benefit of a maintenance-free bathroom is making customers look further afield for more modern alternatives.

The main drawback with tiles is the grout. This has always has been a weakness as if it is not properly specified (not all grout is waterproof) and properly applied, problems can arise down the line. Moisture can get into the grout and then allow mould to grow. Once this gets hold is very difficult to eradicate. Modern wall panel systems do not use grout therefore eliminating this problem. For many people this is enough to persuade them that panelling is the way to go but there are other benefits to opting for this modern approach.

Bathroom tiles require meticulous preparation to ensure that a neat finish results. Plastering (and sometimes skimming)  are required beforehand to provide the perfectly flat surface that tiles need to installed on. Most panelling systems will go up over a range of substrates and in general are a lot more forgiving when it comes to surface preparation - they can even be installed over existing tiles (although in fairness to tiles it is also possible to tile over existing tiles in some circumstances providing the correct type of adhesive is used).

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