Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Budget Range Of Panels Added

We have added a new range of budget panels to our range of bathroom cladding - Vicenza panels.

cheap wall panels

The panels are available in 4 marble colours plus a plain white. The panels are curretnly in stock and available for fast dispatch.

For more information click the following link for details of this range of cheap wall panels

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming Soon - Bathroom Carpet

Coming soon to The Bathroom Marquue :

Bathroom Carpet - but with a twist - it's waterproof!

details to follow shortly.

Largo Heavy Duty UPVC Shower Panels

We have just added the new Largo range to our webiste.

These panels are ideal for those looking for a "1 piece" finish for shower walls and bathrooms as they are 1.0m wide. If you have a shower cubicle slightly larger than 1mt then this is not a problem as thepanels are tongue and grooved and fit together without the need for a joining strip making them neat and attractive.

There are 6 coloured marble effect finishes in the range plus a plain white panel.

Visist our website to see more photos, scans, details and prices:

Friday, July 01, 2011

Celupanel Availability

The availability of the Celupanel offer we were running has been severely affected by a recent break-in at the distributors warehouse. All of the Nova and Vermont panels were taken but there is still stock left of the Pink Marble and a very small quantity of the Black Marble left.

These stocks were a one-off deal so they will not be available again but the distributors have added a new low cost range which we will be adding to the web site soon.

Outasight Price Increase

We have had to increase the price of the Outasight concealed shower curtain system.

We absorbed several previous small increases, we did not increase the retail price with the VAt change at the begining of the year and have held the price for as long as possible but we now have had no option but to put the price up.

We still feel this provides great value for money as the Outasight is a very well engineered bit of kit and does the job perfectly.

Full Width Shower Panels

We will shortly be adding a new range of 1 metre wide upvc panels to our range.

Many customers request wider panels as they are looking for a wall system with no joins. Until now they would usually have to opt for one of the wood-based system, such Showerwall, but now there is a upvc alternative.

We have seen the new panels and are very impressed. Like the rest of our upvc panels they are of a hollow construction but the large panels are much more solidly constructed with heavy guage upvc (they would be too heavy to use as a ceiling panel).

We will post more details here as soon as we add them to our web site.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cheap Wall Panel Alert!

Our importers have a large quantity of Celupanel waterproof wall and ceiling panels that they want to move quickly so we have put a special offer up on our website.

This is an attractive range and a very attractive price - with the cladding starting at just £5.75 per panel at the time of posting.

Unusually they are sold in 5's rather than 4's but they still offer superb value for money, even with 5 in a pack they are cheaper than virtually all of our other panels.

We are cannot offer any guarantees about the long term availability of these panels so we would recommend they are bough on a "when it's gone it's gone" basis and make sure you have enough to complete the job.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

B.Marquee Closed Fri 18th & Mon 21st Feb

The Bathroom Marquee will be closed on Friday 18th and Monday 21st Feb. We will re-open on Tues 22nd Feb 2011.

Any orders placed via our website while we are shut will be processed on our return on the 22nd.