Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Opening Times

We will be closing at 3pm on Friday 21st of Dec and will re-open on Wed 2nd January 2008.

The last order date for delivery before Christmas is Monday 17th Dec.

We will only have a partial service available on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Jan as some of our suppliers are not back until Monday 7th Jan - the following items will not be available until that time:

All Grosfillex Products
Outasight Spares

Outasight Special Offer

We have just had details through from Outasight that there is to be a special offer on until 31st Dec 2007.

Usually the Outasight retails for £189.00 plus £10 carriage but during the offer period the price will be just £149.00 plus £10 carriage.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spabord Shower Panels Stock Availability

As well as UPVC bathroom cladding The Bathroom Marquee also supply a new range of large sheet shower panels called Spabord.

Sales have been growing steadily but stock availability has become a bit of a problem in the last week as the manufacturers are in the process of changing one of their production processes and as a consequence stocks of some of the more popular colours are depleted until the new stsyem if up and running As of 14th November the colours currently out of stock are:

Dazzling White
High Force
Mosaic Beige

We have been advised that stock of the shower wall panels will hopefully be back to normal at the end of the month (Nov).

In the meantime if you wish to order the panels we would advise contacting the sales office first on 029 2056 0949 or if ordering online choosing the "Pay Offline" option.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Outasight Delivery

Outasights are now being despatched directly from the carriers warehouse which means next working day delivery if you order before 12.00pm*

Any orders placed between 12.00pm and 3.00pm will also usually arrive next day but this subject to confirmation by the warehouse.

* some areas of the UK are excluded from next day service (Scottish Highlands for example)

Postal Strike

The majority of our products are sent around the country via carriers so most deliveries have been un-affected by the postal strike. We do however send some items by Royal Mail:

  • Outasight spares
  • UPVC Panel Sample Packs
  • Spabord Samples
  • Invoices & Receipts

Please let us know if you feel that any of the above items are overdue and we will check to ensure they were despatched correctly.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal once the backlog has been processed at the Royal Mail.

Spaceline 333 Panels

The Spaceline 333 wall panels that were being sold off as they have been discontinued are now sold out. This was a v-grooved version of our standard Spaceline Range (which are a flush-fit). If you require V-groove marble effect cladding we have 4 colours available in the Evol 3000 range:

Evol 3000 Grey Marble
Evol 3000 Beige Marble
Evol 3000 Peach Marble
Evol 3000 Green Marble

The standard Spaceline range of waterproof wall panels is still available and is as popular as ever.

Bathroom Marquee Closed Fri 26th Oct

We will be closed on the 26th October and will re-open on Wed 31st October.

Any orders placed during this period will be processed on our return.

Please see our main website for emergency contact details (existing customers only)

Wet Room Floor

We are asked quite often about the best way to install our waterproof wall panels in conjunction with a wet room floor.

Fitting the panels to the wall is no problem - our wall cladding is ideal for use in these enviroments - but the question that always gets asked is "Which trim do we use at the bottom of the panels?"

At present the two manufacturers that we deal with (Decos and Grosfillex) have no trim specifically designed for use in these situations but having spoken to the importers we have come up with what, we think, is the best way to deal with situation.

The answer depends on the type of flooring that is being installed. If ceramic floor tiles are being used there are 2 options:
  1. if the tiles are to be run on the floor only - seal the tiles to the existing wall using silicone, run the panels down on top of the tiles and seal again
  2. if the tiles are to return up the wall to form a skirting - ensure the adhesive bed gives an overall depth of 10mm for the skirting, apply a bed of silicone on top of the skirting and run the panels down in the silicone
If you are using a cove-formed vinyl flooring in your wet room then we would recommend the following method:

  • fit the wet room flooring first and return up the wall
  • run the panels down over the flooring
  • finish the edge of the panel with a tile edge trim stuck into place using silicone sealant
  • use an 10mm trim for decos panels and 8mm for most of the Grosfillex range*

*except Evol 2000 and Topline

Friday, August 17, 2007

Outasight Design Changes

The manufacturers of the Outasight concealed shower curtain system have introduced several new features to the model including a new curtain design and a new strut. Details and photos will be posted soon.

There has also been a slight price increase as of 01.08.07 . The new price is £189.00 plus £10 carriage to UK mainland addresses.

You can buy online by clicking the link above.

Wall Panel Installation

We will shortly be re-vamping our installation instructions as there are several items that we regularly get asked about that they obviously do not cover in enough detail, including the following queries.

Who can I ask to fit the panels?

Most tradesmen (or tradeswomen) will be able to fit the panels as they are extremely easy to work with. Included in our regular customers are:

  • plumbers
  • bathroom fitters
  • kitchen fitters
  • carpenters
  • joiners
  • tilers
  • decorators
  • plasterers
  • handymen

as well as a whole host or enthusiastic DIYers!

We are in the process of compiling a list of existing trade customers who offer a fitting service within specific geographical areas.

What's the best way to cut the decos flush-fit wall panels?

The panels can be cut with any fine-toothed saw although coarser saws (such as handsaws) can be used. Some tradesmen use a jig-saw to cut the panels - if you use this type of saw be careful that the metal cutting plate does not scratch the surface of the panel (either cut the panel face down or cover the metal plate with a peice of tape to reduce the risk of sratches).

If stapling onto battens can a stationery stapler be used?

We weren't too sure about this so we gave it a try ourselves. It turned out that a standard stapler could not get in tight enough to the edge of the visible panel to enable the staple to fix through the tongue and also the staples themselves proved to be a little too flimsy.

Many of the "Pound Shops" sell cheap staple guns which will be perfectly adequate for fixing the panels. Staple guns are especially usefull when fixing ceiling panels. We recommend a combination of adhesive and staples for ceiling fixing as the staples will hold the ceiling panels in place while the adhesive dries.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Removeable Panels

We have been asked by several customers if the bathroom panels that we sell are removeable.

The panels are not designed to be removeable, as such, but they can be installed in such a way as to make removal easier.

It is possible to fix the panels with screws, rather than sticking or stapling (the more widely used methods) and then use either the Grosfilex Multi Trim or Decos Corner Trim 030 to hold the final panel in place - both these trims have a clip-on section that can be taken off if the panels need to be removed.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ceiling Coving

Decos produce a coving that can be used in conjunction with their wall panels.

The trim is designed to clip onto the top of the wall panel and fit flush up against the ceiling.

If you are not using wall panels and are just panelling the ceiling it is possible to use the coving trim but you will need to cut of the "leg" at the back of the trim with a sharp knife and then simply stick the coving up using panel adhesive (Gripfill, No More Nails etc.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Barley Grey Wall Panels

The UK importers of Decos have a reasonable quantity of Barley Grey wall panels left in stock. These panels were produced for a special order but there is some excess stock now available and on offer through The Bathroom Marquee.

The panel is suitable for use in shower cubicles, bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens or anywhere inside the home where you require a wipe-over, condensation-free easy to clean, waterproof surface.

The panels themselves are 250mm wide, 2.7m long, 10mm thick and come in a pack of 4. Barley Grey costs just £27.96 plus carriage.

They are similar in colour to Spaceline Silver grey but are slightly lighter, with a white, rather than light-grey, background and a subtle marble effect print.

Sales Office Closed on 19th June

Our sales office will be closed on Tuesday 19th June due to a funeral.

You will still be able to order online - any orders will be processed on our return on Wed 20th June.

If you have any queries please leave a message on our answerphone and we'll get back to you on Wednesday.

New Product Range

The Bathroom Marquee are pleased to announce the arrival of a completely new range of waterproof shower and bathroom wall panels - SPABORD.

Rather than the smaller, tongue and grooved panels of our UPVC panels these panels are large, one-piece panels that are ideal for lining the walls of a shower cubicle. Spabord uses a lightweight foam backing so they are extremely light to handle, unlike many of the wood-based alternative panels. Each shower packs contains:

  • 2 x wall panels 2400x1200mm
  • 1 x internal corner
  • 1 x butt-joint trim
  • 3 x edging trims
  • Fixing instructions
  • Maintenance instructions

There are full details of all of the shower panels in the Spabord range on our website

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Recently Asked Questions

Is there an Outasight that can be used with a corner bath?

At present there is only one version of the Outasight available and that is designed to be used with a straight bath. Outasight do have long term plans to introduce a model suitable for curved or corner baths but these are still a long way off at the time of posting. The standard Outasight can be used with a corner bath but it is not ideal - there is a previous post detailing their use with a corner bath below.

I have a sloping ceiling - can I still use the Outasight?

Yes, providing you have sufficient room for the arm to open out fully to its horizontal position - which means 1450mm high and 1450mm wide when fully open. If your ceiling cuts into this space then the unit will not work as the shower curtain cannot be pulled out if the arm is not fully horizontal.

Is there a trim I can use at the bottom of the panels?

You can use caping trim at the bottom of our panelling but we do recommend it in wet areas as it can act like a trough. How you finish-off the bottom of the panels depends on the flooring used.

If there is an existing tiled or vinyl floor it is usually run down on top of the flooring and sealed with silicone. If carpet or carpet tiles are being used then the panels are run down to the substrate and the carpet run up against the panels. Laminate flooring sometimes requires a 10mm expansion gap so it is possible to fit the laminate floor first and then run the panels down onto the flooring, finishing off with silicone.

What is the best trim to use with ceiling panels?

It depends on the exact installation.

If you are fitting wall panels and ceiling panels then these can be fitted without the need for a trim - simply fit the ceiling panels first, run the wall panels up to the ceiling panels and eal-off with silicone.

If you are fitting the ceiling panels on their own you can still use the above method but seal to the existing wall. Using a trim will give you a lttle bit of leeway when it comes to cutting so the easiest trim to work with is the Grosfillex Multitrim.

The Grosfillex Multi Tim can be used as an internal corner joint (1st picture) or as a 2-part Capping Trim (2nd picture) by triming off the "leg" with a sharp knife. The backplate for the trim is fitted to the ceiling first, then the panels fitted and then the front section clips into the backing plate to give a nice neat finish.

To use 1 part capping trim on a ceiling (3rd picture) you would need to fit the trim on two of the walls, slot the panels into the trims and then cut away the back of the next two trims and then just stick them on after the ceiling panels have been fitted.

Alternatively you could use other products not supplied by The Bathroom Marquee such as standard coving, white plastic quadrant or even tile edge trim.
We have just been informed by Consortias (the UK importers of Decos panels) that Orion Byzantium panels are going to be discontinued and that current stocks are almost depleted.

This is a shame as this was one of the most distinctive panels in the Decos range with a crackle finish and subtle colouring. The rest of the Orion panelling range (Amarante, Carrara, Lugano, Pompey) is unaffected and will be available as normal - these designs being a marble effect rather than a crackle effect.

If you have any queries regarding remaining stock levels of this panel please contact the sales office.

Summer Shutdown Dates

We will be closing at 3.00pm on Friday 20th July and will re-open on Monday 5th August.

We would recommend orders be placed by Monday 16th July to ensure any problems with delivery etc can be sorted out before we close.

Any orders placed over the holiday period will be processed on our return on the 5th.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ceiling Panels and Spotlights

We get asked quite regularly whether it's alright to use spotlights with wall panelling. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer as it depends totally on the temperatures involved.

The panels are designed to withstand temperatures up to 60deg C which is sufficient in most spotlight installations but we have had 2 occasions where the lights have generated temperatures in excess of this and caused the panels to degrade.

The first instance was where a customer fitted the lights in a room with an attic space above. The attic was lagged and the lagging was placed on the back of the lights so that there was no ventialtion space behind the lights.

The second instance occurred when bathroom rated spotlights were used which were fixed to the surrounding flange (as opposed to the pivoting kind that only touch the outer flange at the pivot points) . The flange is the only part of the light in contact with the panels and temperature generated by these lights caused the panels to degrade and melt slightly where the flange made contact with the panels.

It is impossible for us to guarantee that panels will not be adversely affected by using recessed spotlights as it it is purely down the heat generated by the lighting in-situ.

There are now LED recessed spotlights available which generate hardly any heat - check with your lighting supplier as to the suitability of your chosen lighting for use in your room, paying particular attention to bathrooms and shower rooms, where extra regulations apply.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Changes To The Grosfillex Range

The French wall panelling manufacturer Grosfillex has decided to make some more changes to its range of decorative cladding products.

The panels affected that are offered by The Bathroom Marquee include

Mineral Natural Patchwork
Mineral Brilliant White
Evol 3000 Baltic Blue

There are still reasonable stocks left of Brilliant White and Baltic Blue and a smaller quantity of Natural Patchwork - please check with our sales office on 029 2056 0949 before ordering online so that we can get you up-to-date with the stock situation.

May Special Offer

This months special offer is for Tinto panels from Decos.

These are very good looking panels with a matt finish rather than gloss which is the more common finish on waterproof cladding - but they are still perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms and showers.

The above image is taken from a recent cloakroom refurbishment we carried out using Tinto Desert. This is a light beige/stone effect panel, which coupled with some modern sanitaryware and chrome fittings resulted in a very clean, minimal design but with the all the advantages that cladding brings:
  • totally waterproof
  • no grout to go mouldy
  • easy to install
  • no maintenance
  • no condensation

All in all, a very pleasing result.

To find out more about this and other special offers click here

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can An Outasight Be Used With A Corner Bath

Outasights can be used with a corner bath but they are not ideal - the Outasight was designed to be used with a straight bath.

If you do fit an Outasight on a corner bath the shower curtain can end up dangling in mid-air - depending on how straight the side on the bath is before it starts to curve.

The above diagram shows the arm in the open position and highlights the problem: if you fit the unit nearer to the outside of the bath it gives you no protection; if you fit the unit inboard (as shown) the curtain end up dangling in mid-air. A power shower would make this type of installation more problematic as the force of water would cause the shower curtain to flap.

There are some folding shower screens available that are suitable for use on corner baths. Their hinge mechanisms allow them to open to more than 180deg so that they can follow the curve of the bath. Most folding shower screens cannot do this but there are some available on the market that can.

Outasight - Silver Delivery Dates

The Outasight concealed shower curtain system is currently out of stock in the polished silver finish. Outasigfht have informed us that stock will be available for delivery during the week after Easter for delivery on Friday 13th April.

If you wish to order a silver Outasight please order via the shopping cart but choose the "Pay Offline" option. We will then contact you when they back in stock to arrange payment and delivery.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Easter Opening Times

The Bathroom Marquee will be shut on Good Friday (6th Apr) and will re-open on Wed 11th April.

Any orders placed while we are closed will be processed on our return.

The warehouse for Grosfillex products will be closed on Good Friday and will re-open on Monday 16th April which will result in delays on any Grosfillex wall panelling ordered during this period.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Silver Outasight - delivery delays

Outasight are still waiting for confirmation of a delivery date for the silver casing. It looks as if it will be in with them this week (w/c 18th Mar) but this means that completed stock is not going to be available for delivery until next week (w/c 25th Mar).

Once we have a confirmed date we will post it on this site. All customers with outstsanding orders will be contacted directly once we know a definite delivery day.

Sorry for the continued delay but it is outside our control.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grosfillex Panelling - Deletions

It looks like Grosfillex might be culling a few more deisigns from the range of waterproof wall panelling.

We haven't had official notification yet but it looks like Baltic Blue (Evol 3000 Range), Birch (Ambiance Range), Beige Marble (Topline) and possibly Beige Wood (Topline) might be dropped - although this last panel might continue in 4m lengths( there is also a 2.6m length that we do not have on the site at the moment.

Usually when Grosfillex delete products it is to make way for new designs but we have haad no notification of this as yet. As soon as we do we will post the details on the Blog.

Outasight Back In Stock

The Outasight is now back in stock after a delay of two weeks with deliveries.

The manufacturers were waiting a shipment of gas struts (the bit that holds the arm open)

These are now back in stock and all back orders will be cleared tomorrow (Friday 8th Feb) All order received this week will be despatched next Thursday for delivery Friday (15th)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Although we have only just launched the Blanca range of matt white ceiling panels from Decos, we have just been informed that two of the panel lengths will no longer be available in the Classic White. They will, however, be available in Ultra White so the range now reads as follows:

2.5m - Classic White
3.0m - Ultra White
5.0m - Classic White
6.0m - Ultra White

Previously the panels were only available in Classic White so at least customers looking for a matt finish panel for their bathroom ceiling have two choices of colour - even if the length options have been reduced.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Spaceline 333

We have been running a clearance promotion on Spaceline 333 wall panels (these are a wider version of the 250mm Spaceline but with a v-groove joint).

Spaceline 333 is being discontinued and stocks of the Silver Grey and Jade are now depleted. There may be some more of this product left with the manufacturers in Belgium but at present the UK warehouse has no more available. There is still some stock available of in Blue and Rose (42 packs and 44 packs at time of posting).

If ordering online please use our "pay offline" facility as we can check stock levels and arange delivery before processing your payment.

Spaceline 250 is not being discontinued and there are healthy stocks available of all colours.