Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ceiling Panels and Spotlights

We get asked quite regularly whether it's alright to use spotlights with wall panelling. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer as it depends totally on the temperatures involved.

The panels are designed to withstand temperatures up to 60deg C which is sufficient in most spotlight installations but we have had 2 occasions where the lights have generated temperatures in excess of this and caused the panels to degrade.

The first instance was where a customer fitted the lights in a room with an attic space above. The attic was lagged and the lagging was placed on the back of the lights so that there was no ventialtion space behind the lights.

The second instance occurred when bathroom rated spotlights were used which were fixed to the surrounding flange (as opposed to the pivoting kind that only touch the outer flange at the pivot points) . The flange is the only part of the light in contact with the panels and temperature generated by these lights caused the panels to degrade and melt slightly where the flange made contact with the panels.

It is impossible for us to guarantee that panels will not be adversely affected by using recessed spotlights as it it is purely down the heat generated by the lighting in-situ.

There are now LED recessed spotlights available which generate hardly any heat - check with your lighting supplier as to the suitability of your chosen lighting for use in your room, paying particular attention to bathrooms and shower rooms, where extra regulations apply.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Changes To The Grosfillex Range

The French wall panelling manufacturer Grosfillex has decided to make some more changes to its range of decorative cladding products.

The panels affected that are offered by The Bathroom Marquee include

Mineral Natural Patchwork
Mineral Brilliant White
Evol 3000 Baltic Blue

There are still reasonable stocks left of Brilliant White and Baltic Blue and a smaller quantity of Natural Patchwork - please check with our sales office on 029 2056 0949 before ordering online so that we can get you up-to-date with the stock situation.

May Special Offer

This months special offer is for Tinto panels from Decos.

These are very good looking panels with a matt finish rather than gloss which is the more common finish on waterproof cladding - but they are still perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms and showers.

The above image is taken from a recent cloakroom refurbishment we carried out using Tinto Desert. This is a light beige/stone effect panel, which coupled with some modern sanitaryware and chrome fittings resulted in a very clean, minimal design but with the all the advantages that cladding brings:
  • totally waterproof
  • no grout to go mouldy
  • easy to install
  • no maintenance
  • no condensation

All in all, a very pleasing result.

To find out more about this and other special offers click here