Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Clever-Click Bathroom Flooring

We often get asked if our wall panels can be used on floors but unfortunately they are not suitable for this particular use (although they can be used on ceilings) so we have added a new range of waterproof, easy to install bathroom flooring to our website called Clever-Click.

 bathroom flooring

This flooring is ideal for bathrooms as it is made from a solid vinyl - there is no MDF, plywood or chipboard used in its construction so there is nothing to swell up, warp or rot.

There are several different designs that will complement any modern or traditional bathroom. It is only 4.5mm thick so it can installed over many existing floors providing they are firm, flat and free from irregularities.

Gallery Updates

We have just added a couple more photos to our Customer Gallery where we showcase some of the work undertaken using our panels.

The two latest bathrooms featured have used tile effect panels on their walls - one using an offset tile effect and the other utilizing a mosaic effect panel.

We are planning on adding several more additions to the gallery in the coming weeks as part of a long term plan of improvements to our web site.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Customer Testimonial

Mr Scruton of Scunthorpe has just used some our panels in his shower room to great effect. Here's what he had to say:

"I have attached photos showing before and after the work was carried out. The old tiles and grout were discoloured and the artexed ceiling was peeling away. Mosaic Azure Blue panels were used on the shower walls and Labo Ultra White Panel on the ceiling.

The results are simply stunning and the whole room has been transformed, coving trim was used to compliment the effect.

The product is excellent and not difficult to apply and the customer service I received from The Bathroom Marquee was second to none. Highly recommended."

Here are some photos of the work that Mr Scruton carried out:


The problems that this customer had with their existing shower are all too common. Tiles are ideal for use in shower - it's the grout that's the problem! Here, the grout has discoloured and short of raking it all out and starting from scratch there is no way to totally eradicate the mould that causes the grout to fail. Even if you opt to rake all of the grout out there is no guarantee that the mould won't return.

The second common problem that affects this shower is the ceiling. Most ceiling covering just cannot cope with the moist and wet conditins that are found in bathrooms and showers - especially above a cubicle. Moisture has got behind the painted surface which has then affected the Artex and the whole lot has started to peel.

Installing our shower wall panels and ceiling panels will solve both problems in one go. The mosaic effect panels have no grout so there is nothing to turn mouldy and the ceiling panels are totally impervious to moisture so will not flake or crack.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Products Range Page Updated

We have re-vamped our product range page to make the pictures larger and easier to view - especially for those viewing on smaller screens. Simply click on the image to find out more information about the product you are interested in or to place an order.

Leak Proof Shower Cubicles

Many of the customers that buy our panels are using them to try and provide a solution to a very common problem - leaks in shower cubicles.

There are several problem areas that can lead to leaks occurring but one of most common is the joint between the shower tray and the wall. With this in mind we have come across a new range of shower cubicles that eliminate this problem by incorporating the tray and wall into one moulded section.

There are several different designs and three different finishes: white, black granite and sandstone. 

We are in the process of adding these products to the website - if you have any queries in the meantime please give us a ring on 029 2056 0949.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choosing Between Bathroom Wall Panels and Tiles

If you are thinking of re-decorating your bathroom then one of the main issues you will be faced with is to choose a wall covering for your project.

Until quite recently the first choice of most people would be to opt for ceramic tiles but recently other products have entered people's consciousness that can offer a waterproof surface together with a range of benefits that tiles simply cannot match.

Personal taste will always play a big part in the eventual choice but in today's busy world the benefit of a maintenance-free bathroom is making customers look further afield for more modern alternatives.

The main drawback with tiles is the grout. This has always has been a weakness as if it is not properly specified (not all grout is waterproof) and properly applied, problems can arise down the line. Moisture can get into the grout and then allow mould to grow. Once this gets hold is very difficult to eradicate. Modern wall panel systems do not use grout therefore eliminating this problem. For many people this is enough to persuade them that panelling is the way to go but there are other benefits to opting for this modern approach.

Bathroom tiles require meticulous preparation to ensure that a neat finish results. Plastering (and sometimes skimming)  are required beforehand to provide the perfectly flat surface that tiles need to installed on. Most panelling systems will go up over a range of substrates and in general are a lot more forgiving when it comes to surface preparation - they can even be installed over existing tiles (although in fairness to tiles it is also possible to tile over existing tiles in some circumstances providing the correct type of adhesive is used).

Visit our website to find out how you can transform your bathroom with our wall panel systems.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Labo Bathroom Ceiling Panels


We just noticed that some of the images on our Labo page were not very clear so we have just updated the page with some better photos and clearer descriptions. The manufacturers have helpfully not provided any photos of this product so we have had to rely on images sent in by our customers - luckily quite a few of our customers have undertaken some stunning refurbishments and provided us with pictures of their handywork.

Labo is one of our most popular panels for ceilings (in fact it is probably the most popular) as it comes in a variety of lengths (2.6m,4.5m & 6.0m) and two different types of white - Ultra White and Classic White (Classic White being the creamier of the two). This type of cladding also comes with the option of a silver or gold effect infill strip, ideal if you want to make a feature of the bathroom ceiling.

Although mainly used on ceilings Labo is perfectly at home on bathroom walls and providing it is installed without the infill strip is ideal for use in shower areas. It is easy  to fit and is totally waterproof.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outasight Spare Parts

Following a change of policy we are no longer able to supply spare parts for the Outasight ourselves. Any spare parts including curtains will now have to be ordered directly from Outasight themselves.

They can be contacted on 01302 775456

Bathroom Cladding Video

We have just added a new bathroom cladding video to our YouTube channel:

This video is just a quick summary of what bathroom cladding is, what it is made from and how it works, followed by some examples of our most popular panels. It is only a couple of minutes long and intended as a brief introduction to those unfamiliar with the product.

We will be adding the video to our own website shortly but you can click the box above for a sneak preview.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Online Brochure

Our online brochure has been updated. Rather than have a glossary listing the featured panels we have now included the product name with each image to make identification easier and quicker. We have also expanded the brochure and updated some the images for the new format. The brochure is available in PDF format:

Online Wall Panel Brochure

Friday, July 05, 2013

Advanced Notice of Summer Shutdown

Please note that we will be closed for two weeks during August, closing at 3.00pm on Fri 2nd. If you are planning any work for next month please ensure you get your orders in early so that they will be delivered in plenty of time!

Customer Gallery

As part of our rolling program of site improvements we have just added a new format customer gallery.

We have new images and an easier to navigate layout to see some of the impressive work carried out by our customers. We have 8 room shots available at the moment but will be adding  more to this next week once we work our way through the backlog of images we have!

We have also updated the Testimonials Page to make it a little clearer and added in some more of your kind comments.

More updates to come next week...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making A Bath Panel From Cladding

Many modern acrylic baths make using bathroom cladding a doddle as there is a slot that accepts the panels under the rim. We always recommend making the bath panel out of cladding as this will look great and offer several advantages over standard bath panels: acrylic bath panels can be liable to cracking if leant against as the vast majority have no reinforcing at all and therefore flex when pressed; MDF panels can get damaged if exposed to water which results in them swelling and blistering.

Bathroom cladding is pretty rigid so there is little or no flexing once it is in place and being made from PVC it is impervious to water. If you want a totally rigid panel then the cladding can be fitted to sheet of thin plywood and installed as a one-piece panel.

We do not recommend installing our wall panels down behind baths - we would always suggest that you fit the bath first, making sure it is rock-solid and totally sealed, and then run the wall panels down onto the top surface. This will mean you will have off-cuts of cladding that can be used to make the bath panel and give your bath that "built-in" look so it is an economic use of the cladding as well.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outasight Replacement Curtains

We have just been informed that the material for the replacement curtains is now back in stock and production is underway once again.

There are lots of back orders to process but deliveries should be back to normal by the end of next week.

We apologise for the very long delay in the availability of this item.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bathroom Marquee Web Site Update

We are in the process of updating the website to incorporate a fresh new look. We have made a start with the wall panel section of the site and will roll it out across the rest of the site as soon as possible. During these updates you can still use the site as usual - but you might notice a difference in design between some of the pages.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Outasight Replacement Curtain Update

Outasight have forwarded the following message regarding replacement curtain which have been out of stock for quite a few months now:

We are very sorry to inform you that Outasight “replacement curtains” will not be available for
dispatch until W/C 17-6-2013 to meet both current and future orders for replacement curtains

"We can confirm that from W/C 17-6-2013 we shall have adequate stock to meet all existing
orders and any future orders for replacement curtains.The delay in supplying replacement curtains has been due our  nominated curtain producer/supplier having experienced:

1. Production machinery failure which after extensive both “timely and costly repairs” still did not
function and had to be replaced with new production machinery

2. New replacement production machinery which after lengthy specialist  manufacture,
installation and commissioning did not function correctly which in turn caused further delays.

3. As you are aware the “curtain material” is specialist  “Coated and Impregnated” and thereafter “
Pleated” and finished to meet the stringent specification required of the finished Outasight
product and it was the specialist “Coating  and  Impregnating” production machinery that had to
be replaced (and this specialist curtain treatment could not be completed by any other third party
producer/supplier) which in turn not only delayed our company orders but also delayed many
other companies orders.  

4. Our standard factory lead time on orders was 6/8 x weeks from receipt of orders and this had
been extended (due to the above) to 18/20 weeks up to July and thereafter factory lead time will
revert back to the standard 6/8 weeks.

5.On receipt of the curtain material at our production unit in Doncaster the material will be hand
cut to size, punched, eyelets fitted, sewn and velcro applied, packaged  and thereafter

We were not in a position to give you exact despatch  dates for “replacement curtains” until
recent receipt of confirmation of supplies from our producer/supplier.

We apologise for the delay and  hope the above explains the present and future position relating
to the supply of Outasight “replacement curtains”

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New - Sparkle Effect Shower Panels

Two new sparkle effect shower panels are available via our website. Neptune Black Sparkle and Neptune White Sparkle are 1m wide panels made from PVC. The panels are tongue and grooved so that if your shower is wider than a metre or you wish to fit the panels right around the room they can be slotted together without the need for a joining strip.

The panels have a high gloss finish and would be a stunning addition to any bathroom or shower room - see our website for more details on these shower panels

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Panels Samples - Postage Delays

Apologies to anyone who is still waiting for our Panel Sample Packs ordered towards the end of last week and over the weekend. Due to the heavy snow, postal deliveries and collections have been severely affected so the packages are taking 3-4 days longer than usual to arrive. It looks like this will be the last day of snow here so things should be back to normal by the weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Largo Panels

Largo panels are the original 1 metre wide shower panels that we added to our inventory last year. These panels are still available but they are no longer held in stock at the dispatching warehouse so delivery of these items takes a few extra days - we would suggest allowing 10 days for delivery (and as always we do not recommend that you book tradesman or time off to complete any work until the panels have been delivered to you and checked - just in case!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Neptune Panels - NEW

We have just added a new range of large, waterproof, pvc panels to the website. At 1 metre wide Neptune panels are able to cover the whole side of most shower cubicles without the need for any joins. If you have  a very large shower cubicle or if you wish to cover all of the walls your bathroom with these panels there is no problem as they are tongue and grooved on the edges and slot together to give you a continuous waterproof surface.

The panels are made from a hollow section pvc but the construction is much heavier than our standard panels so they should prove to be very robust in general use - but being heavy they are not really suitable for use on ceilings.

There are four colours in the range at the moment. Frosty White above left (only just visible, sorry) is a bright white panel with a frosty pattern in the design. Very attractive and ideal for keeping a shower area light and bright. It looks like plain white from a distance but up close you can see the frosty effect which we think looks much better than a plain boring white finish. Unfortunately it is very difficult to try and capture this on photos and scans but you could order a sample of this as part of our sample pack - click here for more information 

Neptune Pergamon and Neptune Grey Marble are both light, marble effect panels. The Pergamon has both grey and beige colours running through it while the grey is just that - grey! (but ideal if you want to keep your colour scheme as neutral as possible). Black Marble is a striking design. It could be used around the whole bathroom (if you are brave) but more usually it will be used to provide a dramatic statement inside a shower cubicle with lighter colours used outside the shower to highlight the contrast.

There are two new colours scheduled to be added to the range hopefully by the end of the month. These will be slightly more expensive but will be worth it as they are extremely attractive (and popular) black sparkle and white sparkle finishes. More details to follow as soon as we get them.