Thursday, January 24, 2013

Panels Samples - Postage Delays

Apologies to anyone who is still waiting for our Panel Sample Packs ordered towards the end of last week and over the weekend. Due to the heavy snow, postal deliveries and collections have been severely affected so the packages are taking 3-4 days longer than usual to arrive. It looks like this will be the last day of snow here so things should be back to normal by the weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Largo Panels

Largo panels are the original 1 metre wide shower panels that we added to our inventory last year. These panels are still available but they are no longer held in stock at the dispatching warehouse so delivery of these items takes a few extra days - we would suggest allowing 10 days for delivery (and as always we do not recommend that you book tradesman or time off to complete any work until the panels have been delivered to you and checked - just in case!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Neptune Panels - NEW

We have just added a new range of large, waterproof, pvc panels to the website. At 1 metre wide Neptune panels are able to cover the whole side of most shower cubicles without the need for any joins. If you have  a very large shower cubicle or if you wish to cover all of the walls your bathroom with these panels there is no problem as they are tongue and grooved on the edges and slot together to give you a continuous waterproof surface.

The panels are made from a hollow section pvc but the construction is much heavier than our standard panels so they should prove to be very robust in general use - but being heavy they are not really suitable for use on ceilings.

There are four colours in the range at the moment. Frosty White above left (only just visible, sorry) is a bright white panel with a frosty pattern in the design. Very attractive and ideal for keeping a shower area light and bright. It looks like plain white from a distance but up close you can see the frosty effect which we think looks much better than a plain boring white finish. Unfortunately it is very difficult to try and capture this on photos and scans but you could order a sample of this as part of our sample pack - click here for more information 

Neptune Pergamon and Neptune Grey Marble are both light, marble effect panels. The Pergamon has both grey and beige colours running through it while the grey is just that - grey! (but ideal if you want to keep your colour scheme as neutral as possible). Black Marble is a striking design. It could be used around the whole bathroom (if you are brave) but more usually it will be used to provide a dramatic statement inside a shower cubicle with lighter colours used outside the shower to highlight the contrast.

There are two new colours scheduled to be added to the range hopefully by the end of the month. These will be slightly more expensive but will be worth it as they are extremely attractive (and popular) black sparkle and white sparkle finishes. More details to follow as soon as we get them.