Friday, November 05, 2010

Moasic Onyx Rose

Following the decision to cease production of Mosaic Onyx Rose panels the manufacturers have now come to the end of the existing stock so we have now had to withdraw our special offer on this product as there is no more available. The panels were sold on a "while stocks last" and the sell off has been very successful: the stock lasted quite a few months but is sadly no more.

Mosaic Azure Blue, Beige Sand and Glacier Grey are still available and have not been discontued.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer Shutdown Reminder

We will be closing at 3.00pm on Wed 21st July and will re-open on Monday 2nd August.

Any orders for wall panelling products placed via our shopping cart while we are closed will be dealt with when we return.

Orders for Outasights or Outasight spares will be sent out directly from Outasight providing the order has been paid for online. Any orders placed using the "pay offline" option will be processed on our return.

Tile Effect Panel

We have just added a new panel to our website - Florentine 25 tile-effect waterproof wall panels:

Each panel appears to be 2 tiles wide with each tile being offset vertically by half a tile to give a staggered effect. Our other tile effect panel, Mineral Beige or Grey Tile Marble, have a butt-jointed appearance with a black joint line but the Florentine panels have a white grout line incorporated in the design.

Although many customers will instantly think of tiles when re-decorating their bathroom many are now switching to cladding the walls as they prefer the easy-clean, no-maintenance advantages of this type of wall covering. The main drawback with bathroom tiles has always been the grout, which can prove to be difficult to keep clean, especially if it is incorrectly specified or applied. The grout line on Florentine tile-effect panels is just part of the printed design so you just wipe over the whole surface when cleaning.

The cladding is available in two colours: grey (left below) or beige (right below)

Florentine tile effect panels are suitable for use in a shower cubicle or wet room and can be fitted to just the shower area or installed around the whole room - the more panels you install the less maintenance required.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bending Panels Into Corners

We quite often asked if it is possible to bend the panels into corners rather than using a butt joint or a corner trim.

The answer is yes - it is possible but there are downsides to using this method.

We have created a new page with more information on this subject here :
bending panels into corners

The main issue with this installation method is that there are no real advantages. A well sealed butt joint or a joint employing a Corner Trim will be just as waterproof but a lot less fiddly to execute.

Our prefered method for internal corners is to butt join the panels and seal with a good quality silicone. As there is no grout used in the installation of our panels there is nowhere to harbour moisture and so the silicone, if applied correctly, will remain mould-free for years. On lighter coloured panels use a white silicone, on deeper shades use a clear silicone sealant. This will result in a very neat, waterproof finish for the corner and is suitable for use inside showers. If you are concerned about water leaking through the corner joint you can run silicone if the corner first and then push the panels into the wet silicone, encasing the joint in silicone, just wipe off any excess silicone sealant at the joint.

It is also possible (but tricky) to cut the panels for external corners but this involves removal of the webbing from inside the panel leaving the front surface more susceptible to splitting when the panel are bent. Our prefered method for external corner would be to use an angle trim, as available from our website. Another option is to use a tile edge trim. These result in a very neat finish but you have make sure that the panels are cuttin accurately as they to not cover up any slight discrepancies in cutting.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Over Bath Shower

If you are looking to use your bath for showering then the walls will need to covered in a suitable waterproof material. For many the first thing they think of is tiles but there are downsides in using these as can be seen in the following photo.

The main concern is the grout. Bathroom tiles frequently get wet and the grout used to fill the gaps between the tiles can retain moisture enabling mould to grow. Many customers are opting for our waterproof panelling as an alternative to tiles for this application as they use no grout in their installation and there is therefore nowhere to harbour moisture - no moisture equelas no mould.

The following image shows the same bathroom after the tiles have been replaced with our Bali Grey cladding:

The result is a bright, light, attractive surface that requires no maintenance and will look good for years to come after the installation.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Showerwall Panels

We have just added the Showerwall range of laminated panels to our inventory.

These panels can be used in all but the largest shower cubicles to cover the wall without any joins. They are constructed from an MDF core with a decorative laminate face and come in a range of attractive finishes. There is also a range of trims available for finishing off the edges and corners as well as adhesives and silicone to get the job done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Advanced Notice of Closed Days

The Bathroom Marquee will be closed on Monday 7th June 2010 and will also be closed at the end of July, closing on Thursday 22nd re-opening on Monday 2nd August. We will put reminder notices up on the main website nearer the time.

Bathroom Ceilings

When remodelling a bathroom the ceiling quite often gets overlooked. Our wall panels offer a maintenance free opttion for the walls but they can also be used, very succesfully, on the ceiling. Most customers tend to opt for a white panel on the ceiling or sometimes one of our woodgrain effect panels but a recent customer chose to use the same panel for the walls and ceiling - in this case Spaceline Bali Grey.

The end result can be seen in the image above, where both the walls and bathroom ceiling utilise Bali Grey. There are some more shots from this installation on our Customer Gallery

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Panel - Spaceline Black

We have just added a new panel to our range of waterproof wall cladding.

Spaceline Black is a black, marble effect panel, 2.7m long, 250mm wide and 10mm thick with a striking gloss finish.

These dark panels are ideal for use as a highlight "colour" within an overall refurbishment - the most common use being to line a shower cubicle with the black effect and then opt for a lighter contrasting colour around the rest of the room.

It is also possible to use it to line all of the bathroom or shower room walls but this is a bold move and could make a small room feel a litttle more claustrophobic as lighter colours tend give more of an impression of space. The finished result though will certainly catch the eye.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mosaic Effect Wall Panels

As reported previously, Decos had announced that two of the colours in the mosaic effect wall panel range were to be discontinued. Production has now finished of both Jade and Onyx Rose.

At the time of posting there was very little Jade Mosaic left in stock with the importers but the manufacturers have a large quantity of Onyx Rose to sell off and have slashed the price accordingly.

While stocks last Mosaic Onyx Rose is just £6.99 per panel.

The panels must be bought in multiples of 4 and the price does not include carriage.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outasight Shower Curtains Back In Stock

We have just been informed that Outasight shower curtains are back in stock with the manufacturers - a week earlier than initially thought. After working through the back orders normal deliveries should resume week commencing 01.02.10

Appolgies to any customers who have had to wait for the curtains - this was due to a delay in the supply of curtain material from the German manufacturer.