Friday, March 31, 2006

Easter Shutdown

The UK importers of Grosfillex wall panels will be closed from Friday 14th April (Good Friday)until Monday 24th April.

Please order in plenty of time to ensure that this shutdown does not affect your delivery.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gallery Update

There have been quite a few additions to our Customer Gallery over the last couple of weeks including this superb shower cubicle photo from Mr Lindsay of Dunfermline.

Mr Lindsay has used Decos Mosiac panels in Azure Blue for his bathroom makeover and has done a splendid job! You can see this image and more shots from Mr Lindsay together with many new images on the gallery.

Grosfillex Trims

As well as a raft of deletions from their range there are also some other changes that have been made by Grosfillex.

One that will make packing the panels ready for despatch a bit easier is the decision to change the length of the trims from 2.7m to 2.6m. This is mainly due to the fact that there will now be no 2.7mt panels left in the range - only 2.6m and 4.0m

At present these shorter trims are not available but start to replace the 2.7m trims over the next few weeks and we will alter the site as and when they are available.

Coving Trim added to site

We have now added a two-part coving trim to our web site.

This trim is very useful if you are installing ceiling cladding as, being two-part, the front section can be clipped on after the ceiling has been fitted, making installation much easier.

The trim is 2.7mt long and is available in white only. At the time of this post it is priced at £5.29

We will also be adding another coving trim to the site shortly. This one is made by Decos and is a one part trim making it ideal for use with wall panels (it is quite tricky to fit any one-part trim to ceiling panels)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alternative Panels

We've had a quick look through our existing range to come up with some alternatives for the panels that Grosfillex have discontinued.

Evol 2000 Blue Marble - Tinto Sky Blue
Evol 3000 Light Blue Marble - Spaceline Blue

Evol 3000 Satin White - Decos Blanc
Evol 3000 Blue Wood - Ligno 10 Blue
Ambiance Natural Wood - Belmont Maple (coming soon)
Mineral Naugeux Beige - Tinto Desert

Mineral Turquoise Marble - Firenze Blue

Topline Beige Textile - Mineral Natural Patchwork

Waterproof Wall Panel Update

We have finally had a full list of Grosfillex recent changes to their range of waterproof wall apnels and there are quite a few products affected.

The panels that have been discontinued are as follows:

Evol 2000 Blue Marble
Evol 3000 Light Blue Marble
Evol 3000 Satin White
Evol 3000 Blue Wood
Ambiance Natural Wood
Topline Beige Textile
Mineral Naugeux Beige
Mineral Turquoise Marble

There is still some stock available at the time of this post but please check with the sales office for the latest situation.

There several new products added to the Grosfillex range and we will be adding these to the site once we have received samples of these panels.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another panel bites the dust

We have just discovered that Grosfillex have discontinued Evol 3000 Satin White panels. This is a major blow as this was one of their best sellers and an extremely popular choice for those looking for a non-glossy ceiling panel.

We do have an alternative available in the shape of Decos Blanc which has just been added to our web site and is available online.

Outasight At The Ideal Home Show

Outasight are displaying once again at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court.

Lee Brown, above, will be on hand to answer any queries and demonstrate his invention. You can see the Outasight on the World of Water stand (1J31)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Evol 3000 Blue Marble Panel

We have just been informed that Evol 3000 light Blue Marble is being discontinued by the manufacturer, Grosfillex.

We predicted in an earlier post that there would be more deletions from their list. It is really annoying that they don't give a list of all of the colours they have targetted for deletion - instead they let the UK importer know one-by-one as and when they order more stock.

We have asked them to try to obtain an exhuastive list of panels that are due to be deleted but as yet the manufacturers have not been forthcoming. Obviously if they do let us know we will post a notice here with the details.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blanc Panel

We have added a new panel to our range - the Blanc panel from Decos.

This panel is ideal for use on walls and is perfect for use on ceilings.

The panel size is 375mm wide 8mm thick and 2.6m long. They are available in packs of 4 at £57.96 per pack plus carriage.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Magic Grey Wall Panelling

Magic Grey by Decos has been discontinued by the panelling manufacturers.

There is some limited stock still available.

Magic White and Magic Black will continue to be made - it is just Magic Grey that is being discontinued. As noted previously Magic panels are curently on special offer this month.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March Special Offers

We have some excellent special offers for our customers in March.

Decos Spaceline wall panels are on offer at £7.49 per panel. Also from Decos, the Magic range is also on offer with prices at £9.99 per panel insstead of the list price of £13.39

We are also running a promotion on Beige Tile Marble panels by Grosfillex. Usually £19.49 these are now available at £16.49 . Beige Tile Marble panels are ideal if you want the look of ceramic wall tiles in your bathroom without the hassle of of hard-to-clean grout. See our special offer page for more details.

Satin White Panels

The UK importers of Grosfillex bathroom wall panels have just informed us that they are running very low on Satin White panels.

There is still some stock available but it will be two weeks before the new stock arrives from France.

In the meantime we will be adding a new satin finish panel from decos suitable for walls and ceilings.