Monday, March 17, 2014

Neptune Shower Wall Panels

Until very recently PVC panels were only available in relatively narrow widths. These panels were tongue and grooved so they slotted together to provide a waterproof surface. Many customers prefer to have a larger panel - especially in showers - so manufacturers started to make wider sizes which has resulted in the 1 metre wide panels that we see today.

To achieve this width, the gauge of the plastic had to be increased which results in a stiffer and more heavy duty panel than was the norm previously. Obviously this is a great benefit from a durability point of view but there are a few downsides: panels are slightly more expensive; they are a little more difficult to maneuver into place; they cannot be bent around corners as the plastic is not flexible enough. But these are only minor issues.

Neptune Grey Marble shower wall panels

If the panels need to run across a wall that is wider than 1 metre there are still tongue and grooved edges so they can be slotted together without the need for a joining strip, which makes for a very neat finish.

So you are looking for inexpensive, easy to live with shower wall panels then Neptune are the obvious choice.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vicenza - Gorgeous Looks at Budget Prices

Our Vicenza range has proved to be a real hit with our customers as the combination of good looks, cheap prices and superb quality are just too good to miss.

There are currently 4 different marble effect bathroom wall panels available from Vicenza together with a plain, high gloss white panel which can also be used a s a wall panel or as a ceiling panel if required (in fact, all of our panels can be used as ceiling panels except our heavy duty Neptune range which a little too heavy).

Iif you would like to find out more about this excellent value panelling or would like to see a sample get in touch with us via our website or give us a ring on 029 2056 0949

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ceiling Panels With Chrome Strip

Everyone knows that keeping a bathroom ceiling in pristine condition can be a bit of a chore as the moist, humid conditions can cause traditional coverings to deteriorate. Paint can start to flake, wooden tongue and groove can start to split and textured ceilings can start to develop mould spots.

Our range of ceiling panels can help eliminate these problems as they require no maintenance - just a quick wipe over with a soft cloth now and again.

White ceilings tend to be the most popular with our Blanca range being the obvious choice if you want to have a plain, matt finish. If you would prefer a gloss finish then our Labo panels are ideal and are available in a range of lengths to suit all different bathroom sizes. We have a chrome effect infill strip that can be used with Labo which are used if you want to make a feature of the ceiling rather just leaving in as a plain white.

There is now a second option if you want a chrome infill as we have just added Vicenza White-Chrome panels to our range. These have the chrome strip built-in to the panel - there is nothing to clip on separately. They have a 2 plank, v-groove appearance and are available in two different lengths 2.7m and 5.4m.

These are a very attractive (and very reasonable priced) panel and are now available for immediate delivery:
Vicenza White-Chrome Ceiling Panels

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

We have just been informed that Decos will be adding some new tile effects to their range of bathroom wall panels. Initial reports seem to suggest there will be initially be 2 patterns and 2 colours but this has not been finalised as yet.

As soon as we have a little more detail will post up details on the blog and the website.

Friday, January 10, 2014

FREE Picture Gallery CD

We usually charge £1 for our picture gallery CD but this month you can obtain one free of charge. This has high quality images of our range shown in room settings - visit the following page and order your copy now:


Grosfillex Wall & Ceiling Panels

Unfortunately we are currently unable to supply any products form this manufacturer. The importer through which we bought these panels has ceased trading but we are in the process of trying to find a new source of this range.

In the meantime there are plenty of alternative panels within our range that are similar in design and these are listed on each of the Grosfillex product pages.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Clever-Click Bathroom Flooring

We often get asked if our wall panels can be used on floors but unfortunately they are not suitable for this particular use (although they can be used on ceilings) so we have added a new range of waterproof, easy to install bathroom flooring to our website called Clever-Click.

 bathroom flooring

This flooring is ideal for bathrooms as it is made from a solid vinyl - there is no MDF, plywood or chipboard used in its construction so there is nothing to swell up, warp or rot.

There are several different designs that will complement any modern or traditional bathroom. It is only 4.5mm thick so it can installed over many existing floors providing they are firm, flat and free from irregularities.

Gallery Updates

We have just added a couple more photos to our Customer Gallery where we showcase some of the work undertaken using our panels.

The two latest bathrooms featured have used tile effect panels on their walls - one using an offset tile effect and the other utilizing a mosaic effect panel.

We are planning on adding several more additions to the gallery in the coming weeks as part of a long term plan of improvements to our web site.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Customer Testimonial

Mr Scruton of Scunthorpe has just used some our panels in his shower room to great effect. Here's what he had to say:

"I have attached photos showing before and after the work was carried out. The old tiles and grout were discoloured and the artexed ceiling was peeling away. Mosaic Azure Blue panels were used on the shower walls and Labo Ultra White Panel on the ceiling.

The results are simply stunning and the whole room has been transformed, coving trim was used to compliment the effect.

The product is excellent and not difficult to apply and the customer service I received from The Bathroom Marquee was second to none. Highly recommended."

Here are some photos of the work that Mr Scruton carried out:


The problems that this customer had with their existing shower are all too common. Tiles are ideal for use in shower - it's the grout that's the problem! Here, the grout has discoloured and short of raking it all out and starting from scratch there is no way to totally eradicate the mould that causes the grout to fail. Even if you opt to rake all of the grout out there is no guarantee that the mould won't return.

The second common problem that affects this shower is the ceiling. Most ceiling covering just cannot cope with the moist and wet conditins that are found in bathrooms and showers - especially above a cubicle. Moisture has got behind the painted surface which has then affected the Artex and the whole lot has started to peel.

Installing our shower wall panels and ceiling panels will solve both problems in one go. The mosaic effect panels have no grout so there is nothing to turn mouldy and the ceiling panels are totally impervious to moisture so will not flake or crack.