Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Labo White bathroom wall and ceiling cladding

We have just added Labo White to our range of decorative wall and ceiling cladding.

This is a a flush fitting panel that is available online in 4.5 mt lengths making it ideal for use on ceilings as there tends to be lest waste with the longer length planks.

At present the product page for Labo White only has the 4.5mt length available but we hope to add to this in the near future by offering the cladding in 2.7mt and 6mt lengths.

Labo White is available in two different shades: Ultra White and Classic White. We have not offered large scans of these panels as they just show up as plain white screens. To help with the selection process we have described the two colours. Ultra White is a bright gleaming white - ideal for use on ceilings if you you have white ceramic tiles. If you have opted for a more organic look in your bathroom such as a limestone effect tile or cladding, Ultra white can be a little too glaring, in which case you should opt for the Classic White finish.

Both panels are available in a gloss finish.