Friday, August 25, 2006

More On Fixing Spotlights

Up until this week we had never had a problem with spotlights being fixed through our ceiling panels but one customer has experienced a problem with his particular installation.

He had fitted the panels to an upstairs ceiling but had not allowed any ventilation behind the spotlights. This meant that the heat generated by the spotlights had nowhere to dissipate and as a consequence was starting to degrade the panels. He is in the process of ensuring the lights have adequate ventilation behind them and we are awaiting his report on whether this has cured the problem.

Spotlights can be fitted to our panels providing they do not subject the panels to more than 60deg c. Unfortunately this is not the kind of information that spotlight manufacturers tend to provide so we can only state that apart from the case mentioned above, we have never had a problem reported to us regarding the installation of spotlights (and we have been selling this type of panelling for over 15 years).