Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Recently Asked Questions

Is there an Outasight that can be used with a corner bath?

At present there is only one version of the Outasight available and that is designed to be used with a straight bath. Outasight do have long term plans to introduce a model suitable for curved or corner baths but these are still a long way off at the time of posting. The standard Outasight can be used with a corner bath but it is not ideal - there is a previous post detailing their use with a corner bath below.

I have a sloping ceiling - can I still use the Outasight?

Yes, providing you have sufficient room for the arm to open out fully to its horizontal position - which means 1450mm high and 1450mm wide when fully open. If your ceiling cuts into this space then the unit will not work as the shower curtain cannot be pulled out if the arm is not fully horizontal.

Is there a trim I can use at the bottom of the panels?

You can use caping trim at the bottom of our panelling but we do recommend it in wet areas as it can act like a trough. How you finish-off the bottom of the panels depends on the flooring used.

If there is an existing tiled or vinyl floor it is usually run down on top of the flooring and sealed with silicone. If carpet or carpet tiles are being used then the panels are run down to the substrate and the carpet run up against the panels. Laminate flooring sometimes requires a 10mm expansion gap so it is possible to fit the laminate floor first and then run the panels down onto the flooring, finishing off with silicone.

What is the best trim to use with ceiling panels?

It depends on the exact installation.

If you are fitting wall panels and ceiling panels then these can be fitted without the need for a trim - simply fit the ceiling panels first, run the wall panels up to the ceiling panels and eal-off with silicone.

If you are fitting the ceiling panels on their own you can still use the above method but seal to the existing wall. Using a trim will give you a lttle bit of leeway when it comes to cutting so the easiest trim to work with is the Grosfillex Multitrim.

The Grosfillex Multi Tim can be used as an internal corner joint (1st picture) or as a 2-part Capping Trim (2nd picture) by triming off the "leg" with a sharp knife. The backplate for the trim is fitted to the ceiling first, then the panels fitted and then the front section clips into the backing plate to give a nice neat finish.

To use 1 part capping trim on a ceiling (3rd picture) you would need to fit the trim on two of the walls, slot the panels into the trims and then cut away the back of the next two trims and then just stick them on after the ceiling panels have been fitted.

Alternatively you could use other products not supplied by The Bathroom Marquee such as standard coving, white plastic quadrant or even tile edge trim.