Friday, August 17, 2007

Wall Panel Installation

We will shortly be re-vamping our installation instructions as there are several items that we regularly get asked about that they obviously do not cover in enough detail, including the following queries.

Who can I ask to fit the panels?

Most tradesmen (or tradeswomen) will be able to fit the panels as they are extremely easy to work with. Included in our regular customers are:

  • plumbers
  • bathroom fitters
  • kitchen fitters
  • carpenters
  • joiners
  • tilers
  • decorators
  • plasterers
  • handymen

as well as a whole host or enthusiastic DIYers!

We are in the process of compiling a list of existing trade customers who offer a fitting service within specific geographical areas.

What's the best way to cut the decos flush-fit wall panels?

The panels can be cut with any fine-toothed saw although coarser saws (such as handsaws) can be used. Some tradesmen use a jig-saw to cut the panels - if you use this type of saw be careful that the metal cutting plate does not scratch the surface of the panel (either cut the panel face down or cover the metal plate with a peice of tape to reduce the risk of sratches).

If stapling onto battens can a stationery stapler be used?

We weren't too sure about this so we gave it a try ourselves. It turned out that a standard stapler could not get in tight enough to the edge of the visible panel to enable the staple to fix through the tongue and also the staples themselves proved to be a little too flimsy.

Many of the "Pound Shops" sell cheap staple guns which will be perfectly adequate for fixing the panels. Staple guns are especially usefull when fixing ceiling panels. We recommend a combination of adhesive and staples for ceiling fixing as the staples will hold the ceiling panels in place while the adhesive dries.