Friday, October 19, 2007

Wet Room Floor

We are asked quite often about the best way to install our waterproof wall panels in conjunction with a wet room floor.

Fitting the panels to the wall is no problem - our wall cladding is ideal for use in these enviroments - but the question that always gets asked is "Which trim do we use at the bottom of the panels?"

At present the two manufacturers that we deal with (Decos and Grosfillex) have no trim specifically designed for use in these situations but having spoken to the importers we have come up with what, we think, is the best way to deal with situation.

The answer depends on the type of flooring that is being installed. If ceramic floor tiles are being used there are 2 options:
  1. if the tiles are to be run on the floor only - seal the tiles to the existing wall using silicone, run the panels down on top of the tiles and seal again
  2. if the tiles are to return up the wall to form a skirting - ensure the adhesive bed gives an overall depth of 10mm for the skirting, apply a bed of silicone on top of the skirting and run the panels down in the silicone
If you are using a cove-formed vinyl flooring in your wet room then we would recommend the following method:

  • fit the wet room flooring first and return up the wall
  • run the panels down over the flooring
  • finish the edge of the panel with a tile edge trim stuck into place using silicone sealant
  • use an 10mm trim for decos panels and 8mm for most of the Grosfillex range*

*except Evol 2000 and Topline