Thursday, April 03, 2008

Outasight Updates

The Outasight section of our website has had some major updates recently.

There are now improved images as well as 4 videos:

  • Outasight Infomercial
  • Installing The Outasight
  • Fitting A New Curtain
  • Cleaning The Curtain

There are expanded sections covering Technical, Pros and Cons, Installation and a new easy to navigate menu structure.

The Technical page has now been split into separate pages covering dimensions, components, limitations and cleaning.

The Outasight is compared with its main rivals, namely the shower curtain and the shower screen, in our revamped Pros and Cons section. There are also more background pages on both shower screens:

  • Bath Shower Screen
  • Bath Screen
  • Shower Screen
  • Folding Shower Screen
  • Sliding Shower Screen
  • 4 Fold Shower Screen
  • 5 Fold Shower Screen

as well as more details on shower curtains and the components needed:

  • Shower Curtain
  • Bathroom Shower Curtain
  • Unique Shower Curtain
  • Ringless Shower Curtain
  • Shower Curtain Idea
  • Shower Curtain Rod
  • Designer Shower Curtain

There are further improvements scheduled for the website to make it as comprehensive as possible, so watch this space for details.