Friday, July 02, 2010

Tile Effect Panel

We have just added a new panel to our website - Florentine 25 tile-effect waterproof wall panels:

Each panel appears to be 2 tiles wide with each tile being offset vertically by half a tile to give a staggered effect. Our other tile effect panel, Mineral Beige or Grey Tile Marble, have a butt-jointed appearance with a black joint line but the Florentine panels have a white grout line incorporated in the design.

Although many customers will instantly think of tiles when re-decorating their bathroom many are now switching to cladding the walls as they prefer the easy-clean, no-maintenance advantages of this type of wall covering. The main drawback with bathroom tiles has always been the grout, which can prove to be difficult to keep clean, especially if it is incorrectly specified or applied. The grout line on Florentine tile-effect panels is just part of the printed design so you just wipe over the whole surface when cleaning.

The cladding is available in two colours: grey (left below) or beige (right below)

Florentine tile effect panels are suitable for use in a shower cubicle or wet room and can be fitted to just the shower area or installed around the whole room - the more panels you install the less maintenance required.