Thursday, June 28, 2012

Replacing A Damaged Wall Panel

A customer recently asked us if it is possible to replace a damaged panel without having to remove all of the other panels on the wall. It is possible to replace a panel in-situ but it can be a bit fiddly. This solution only works for hollow section pvc cladding - it does not apply to rigid laminate panels.

Remove the old panel by cutting in into bits on the wall and removing it and any adhesive to leave a smooth surface. The replacement panel must then be cut down its length on the back to enable it to bend. The panel is then bent out into a curve and sprung into place.

If the tongue or groove snags on any hidden protrubences they will need to trimmed off or the obstructions removed (a small piece of panelling can be used to slot into the existing tongue and groove to highlight their position). Once you are confident that the new panel fits it can be stuck in place.

The biggest problem faced is trying to match the panel as there can be variations between batches which can be considerable if the panels have been in place for some time. If this proved too problematic the alternatives are to panel the whole wall with new panels or if the panels cannot be matched you can panel the whole wall with a contrast colour to make a feature wall.