Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Outasight Replacement Curtain Update

Outasight have forwarded the following message regarding replacement curtain which have been out of stock for quite a few months now:

We are very sorry to inform you that Outasight “replacement curtains” will not be available for
dispatch until W/C 17-6-2013 to meet both current and future orders for replacement curtains

"We can confirm that from W/C 17-6-2013 we shall have adequate stock to meet all existing
orders and any future orders for replacement curtains.The delay in supplying replacement curtains has been due our  nominated curtain producer/supplier having experienced:

1. Production machinery failure which after extensive both “timely and costly repairs” still did not
function and had to be replaced with new production machinery

2. New replacement production machinery which after lengthy specialist  manufacture,
installation and commissioning did not function correctly which in turn caused further delays.

3. As you are aware the “curtain material” is specialist  “Coated and Impregnated” and thereafter “
Pleated” and finished to meet the stringent specification required of the finished Outasight
product and it was the specialist “Coating  and  Impregnating” production machinery that had to
be replaced (and this specialist curtain treatment could not be completed by any other third party
producer/supplier) which in turn not only delayed our company orders but also delayed many
other companies orders.  

4. Our standard factory lead time on orders was 6/8 x weeks from receipt of orders and this had
been extended (due to the above) to 18/20 weeks up to July and thereafter factory lead time will
revert back to the standard 6/8 weeks.

5.On receipt of the curtain material at our production unit in Doncaster the material will be hand
cut to size, punched, eyelets fitted, sewn and velcro applied, packaged  and thereafter

We were not in a position to give you exact despatch  dates for “replacement curtains” until
recent receipt of confirmation of supplies from our producer/supplier.

We apologise for the delay and  hope the above explains the present and future position relating
to the supply of Outasight “replacement curtains”