Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ceiling Panels With Chrome Strip

Everyone knows that keeping a bathroom ceiling in pristine condition can be a bit of a chore as the moist, humid conditions can cause traditional coverings to deteriorate. Paint can start to flake, wooden tongue and groove can start to split and textured ceilings can start to develop mould spots.

Our range of ceiling panels can help eliminate these problems as they require no maintenance - just a quick wipe over with a soft cloth now and again.

White ceilings tend to be the most popular with our Blanca range being the obvious choice if you want to have a plain, matt finish. If you would prefer a gloss finish then our Labo panels are ideal and are available in a range of lengths to suit all different bathroom sizes. We have a chrome effect infill strip that can be used with Labo which are used if you want to make a feature of the ceiling rather just leaving in as a plain white.

There is now a second option if you want a chrome infill as we have just added Vicenza White-Chrome panels to our range. These have the chrome strip built-in to the panel - there is nothing to clip on separately. They have a 2 plank, v-groove appearance and are available in two different lengths 2.7m and 5.4m.

These are a very attractive (and very reasonable priced) panel and are now available for immediate delivery:
Vicenza White-Chrome Ceiling Panels