Monday, March 17, 2014

Neptune Shower Wall Panels

Until very recently PVC panels were only available in relatively narrow widths. These panels were tongue and grooved so they slotted together to provide a waterproof surface. Many customers prefer to have a larger panel - especially in showers - so manufacturers started to make wider sizes which has resulted in the 1 metre wide panels that we see today.

To achieve this width, the gauge of the plastic had to be increased which results in a stiffer and more heavy duty panel than was the norm previously. Obviously this is a great benefit from a durability point of view but there are a few downsides: panels are slightly more expensive; they are a little more difficult to maneuver into place; they cannot be bent around corners as the plastic is not flexible enough. But these are only minor issues.

Neptune Grey Marble shower wall panels

If the panels need to run across a wall that is wider than 1 metre there are still tongue and grooved edges so they can be slotted together without the need for a joining strip, which makes for a very neat finish.

So you are looking for inexpensive, easy to live with shower wall panels then Neptune are the obvious choice.