Thursday, May 29, 2014

Further Additions To Our Customer Gallery

We have added a few more images to our customer gallery including this one from a customer who also took some "before" photos so you can see the transformation that has taken place.

The customer has removed tiles from the wall that had previously been used to decorate the walls - it would appear that the tiles were not fitted the whole way up the wall (a common feature in many bathrooms). This can cause problems if you were to re-tile these walls as the area where tiles have been removed will have adhesive and grout present that will make the surface bumpy. This would be unsuitable for tiling over as any imperfections will make the tiles kick out and look uneven. With our wall panels this is not an issue as they can be fitted over a variety of substrates and will cope with any lumps and bump. If the wall is smooth the panels can be stuck by running a "snake" of adhesive on the back. If the wall is not so flat then blobs of adhesive can be applied to the back of the panels - the panels are then pushed home and will find their own level, covering over the imperfections.

A new bath and a small, neat vanity unit has been installed along with our Spaceline Silver Grey panels which has resulted in a light, bright and neutral looking bathroom.