Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cladding Inside a Shower Cubicle

Bathroom cladding is an ideal wall covering for the inside of a shower cubicle.

It is waterproof, has no grout to turn mouldy and is quite easy to fit. I say quite easy as the only real sticking point is that of the shower mixer used inside the enclosure.

Ideally this should be removed and any supply pipes and wires fed through holes in the cladding but this is not always possible as there is not always enough "play" in the pipework to allow for the extra thickness of the panels (8 or 10mm depending on which cladding you choose).

The options are to either have to alter the pipework or cut the panels around the unit. Cutting around is not ideal as it requires very accurate cutting and it also means that should your shower unit ever need to be replaced you will have to purchase the exact same model to ensure there are no gaps visible.

If you have no alternative, other than cutting around, use a template from an off-cut or piece of scrap to make sure you get the cut just right. Our shower cladding is easy to cut so you should be able to get a perfect finish with a little patience.