Thursday, March 17, 2005

The whole room or just the cubicle?

One question we get asked quite frequently os "should I use cladding for the whole bathroom or just in the shower cubicle?".

There is no right answer to this.

The obvious benefit to the customer if they fit the cladding to all of the walls is that they will have a totally maintenance free finish around the whole room (they could also fit ceiling cladding to complete the job, to reduce maintenace even further). The only real downside is that it would initially cost quite a bit more than just doing the shower cubicle - which can cost less than £100. I say initially because once this stuff is up it is there to stay. I have been selling this stuff for over ten years and when visiting previous customers (and relatives) who have bought cladding from me when I first started selling it, their bathrooms look as good as they day they were installed thanks to the cladding.

With other forms of wall covering, such as paint for example, you will have to keep it fresh by recoating it every so often. Although paint is quite cheap it is not free - and it can cost a lot in
your time and effort.

When it comes to complete refurbishments bathroom cladding can work out substantially cheaper than other forms of wall covering as there is virtually no preparation required - the walls do not even need to be plastered.