Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Textured Panels

Although we try our best to ensure the images and descriptions on the web site are accurate and comprehensive as possible there are some things that are not easily portrayed on the internet.

One area that we get asked about quite regularly is whether the mosaic effect panels and tile effect panels are smooth or actually have grout line moulded into them.

Both panels are moulded with a smooth finish - there is no "relief" to the pattern. As the panels are extruded it would be possible to mould the vertical grout lines into the surface but not the horizontal lines. The effect of these 2 panels is therefore just printed onto the surface.

There are however some textured panels within our range - Ambiance White Wood and The Ligno Range of panels all have a woodgrain patern moulded into the surface. Velvet Slate in our Spabord range also has a very realistic slate effect moulded into the laminate surface.

There is also the possibility of using panels from the ambiance range to give a brickwork effect - see the following page for more information: Ambiance . Please note that this brickwork method of installation is not waterproof.