Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wall Hung Toilet Pans

We get asked quite often if we sell "spacers" for the panels. Spacers are used to pack out the void between the wall and the surface of the panel when fixing heavy objects or items that need to fixed very securely such as grab rails.

We sell two types of panelling - UPVC panels and Spabord. UPVC panels are hollow while Spabord has a foam backing which means that the panels can be crushed if too much force is applied to them when tightening screws. For most items such as toilet roll holders, shower heads etc this is not usually a problem but some items such as grabrails need to be very securely fastened as a lot of force is applied to them in use. This is where spacers come in. A spacer can be anything that cannot be compressed which is a suitable size and shape to do the job. Discs of plywood, plastic blocks (usually used for cabinet making) or even metal tube. These are fine for small items but some larger items need a slightly different approach - such as wall hung toilet pans.

These type of pans can exert very large forces as fixings bare the the full weight of the user so a large spacer is made from a sheet of marine plywood.

Click the link or the image above for more details on this type of wall hung installation.