Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bathroom Cladding Trims

One customer has asked if there are any trims available to seal the cladding to the bath where they meet, as I think she had had problems with previous silicone seals.

Well, there are no trims that we would whole-heartedly recommend.

Most are bulky, many are ineffective and nearly all of them require sticking with silicone sealant - so you might as well use silicone in the first place!

Silicone will give the best results but you have to ensure you use a top-grade make. We recommend Dow Corning Silicone which is available from most trade suppliers (it is the choice of professional installers). It has a higher fungicidal content and superior bonding characteristics to the standard silicones sold by DIY shops.

It is also vital that the bath is secured very solidly as any movement can cause the seals to break and let moisture through (moisture getting behind a silicone seal is the most usual cause of mould growth on the silicone).