Friday, January 14, 2005

No Showroom?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "Do you have a showroom?"

The simple answer is "No, we don't".

But we used to.

We used to own a bathroom showroom that specialized in waterproof wall panelling, but sold it three years ago. Always up for a challenge, we decided to have a go at selling the same products on the internet, using the site as our showroom. Selling a product that a lot of people have never seen before is quite a tricky business but by providing a mass of information and backing it up with samples and our FREE photo gallery CD we manage to get our message accross - that bathroom cladding is the best system you can use for decorating your bathrooms walls.

We started selling cladding over ten years ago to thousands of customers and in all that time we have only ever had one complaint, and that was due to one dye, in one design, from one manufacturer (that we no longer deal with) losing its colour over time.

No other product, that we have ever sold, comes close to bathroom cladding in terms of customer satisfaction.