Friday, January 21, 2005

Ceiling Cladding

Bathroom cladding is an ideal wall covering but it is also perfectly suitable to use on ceilings - and not just in the bathroom.

Having recently built an extension in our house we were initially going to have the ceiling plastered but changed our minds and opted to install ceiling cladding instead. We chose Ambiance White Wood for the extension ceiling, as it had a matt white finish which I think is the best style to use on ceilings.

Other panels that we considered were:
  • Evol 3000 Satin White
  • Evol 3000 White Wood
  • Decos Labo White
The Labo White panel is not currently on our site but will be added soon. We could also have opted for one of the coloured wood grains available, but that would have tied us down to a definite colour for the walls - using white means that we can change the colour of the walls (which were platered) whenever we choose.

We decided to install the Ambiance panels using the "brickwork" pattern as shown in many of the photographs. This was partly due to:
  1. the fact that I had never tried this installation method before
  2. I wanted to see what was involved so that I could advise any customers wanting to emply this method
  3. it looked nice!

I will be adding some photos of the finished result to the gallery soon.

I would not recommend this style of installation if you are using the bathroom cladding in a shower area or over a bath but for other walls or ceilings it is fine. If you are thinking of using this method yourself please speak to the sales office as it requires extra panels not listed on the site.