Monday, January 17, 2005

Ligno Bathroom Cladding Added

We have just added the Ligno range of bathroom cladding from Decos to the site.

These panels are amazing value for money - especially since we have an introductory offer on them, which makes them the cheapest panels we have ever sold. At just £2.59 each these panels work out at less than £10 per square metre, which makes them an extremely attractive proposition.

Even though they are now the cheapest panels in our range the quality is as good as the rest of the cladding from Decos. From a design point of view they offer a textured wood grain effect with an overall matt finish in four colours.

Blue - a light blue offering a "colour-washed" look. We offer another blue wood effect in the Evol 3000 range but this is much subtler, almost white in colour, and is not textured.

Beige - a driftwood appearance ideal for a "New England" design.

Ochre - also a beige colour with abit more "orange" in the colouring.

Vanilla - a very subtle beige, almost white in colour. We have provided a scan of this colour but it is difficult to see a great deal of detail. We would advise ordering a sample of this cladding to see it in greater detail.