Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Finishing Profiles

I was asked a question yesterday about the finishing trims that we provide, and it has got me thinking.

The customer wanted to fit our bathroom claddinig inside a shower but did not want the panels showing above the cubicle and so was planning on cutting them to the same height as the shower unit. The only trim we have at present that will do this is a capping strip.

Capping strip is ideal for use with light or white panels, but being white in colour itself, it tends to stand out against darker coloured cladding. PVC quadrant could be used but, again, this is usually only available in white. I am sure that I have seen tile-edge trims available on the market with a marble effect so I am going to look into the possibility of using this type of product with our cladding. The main downside of this type of profile is that the cuts across the tops of the panels would have to perfectly straight, and the trim would have to be bedded in silicone.

I will report back once I have details on what is available and suitable.