Monday, February 14, 2005

Making a corner bath panel from bathroom cladding

We were asked by someone via our enquiry page if they could make a bath panel for their corner bath using our bathroom cladding.

Making a curved bath panel our wall panels is possible but it is quite tricky - it involves bending the wall panels which is not really soemething we would recommend to someone who has never worked with panelling before.

First you would need to make a curved wooden frame to attach the panels to.

Once this is in place the panels would need to be scored on the back to enable them to bend. They can then be fixed to the frame.

Making a bath panel for a straight bath is a much easier job. If you have an acrylic bath there is usually a groove running around the bath under the lip that is the right size to slot our cladding into. You then just have to ruin a batten along the floor and simply cut the panels to length - a centimetre or so longer than the gap. The cladding is then pushed up into the slot and attached to the batten. Use screws if you want to be able to remove the panel without damaging them in the future (recommended).