Friday, February 04, 2005

Outasight Bath Shower Screen

As well as our range of bathroom cladding, The Bathroom Marquee also sells the Outasight shower screen.

Having owned a bathroom showroom I know from experieince that customers are never thrilled by the prospect of having to fit a shower curtain as they are quite obtrusive and difficult to keep clean. A standard bath shower screen can also be a bit problematic - the large folding ones can leak at the joints and are still quite bulky once stowed and the single panel types are difficult to lean around to operate the taps and do not cover much of the bath length.

I was therefore very excited about the Outasight shower barrier when I saw it at a trade show a couple of years ago. It seemed to be the answer to all of the problems customers had with curtains and screens: it stowed into a neat box (while still wet) yet covered 80% of the length of a standard bath.

We have been selling them now for almost a year and have had some very happy customers as a result, but we always felt that we could be selling more of this excellent British invention.

One thing that does let the Outasight down is the lack of marketing material - the current stock photographs really do not do the product justice, so we were really pleased to be informed that there is some new literature and some detailed images for the screen. we have not had them yet but as soon as we do we will update the site to give our visitors a better idea of this amazing product.