Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Spotlights and Ceiling Cladding

We get asked quite often if you can install halogen spotlights in ceiling cladding.

The answer is yes, and no!

The reason for this is that it depends on the temperatures generated by the spotlights.

Provided the spotlights do not heat the cladding to more than 50 degrees centigrade there should be no problem; above this temperature and the cladding could start to deform or discolour.

This is not the kind of information that most spotlights come supplied with, unfortunately, so we can only base our advice on the feedback we get from customers and installers. I have never been made aware of anyone actually having a problem installing spotlights in ceiling cladding and know plenty of installers who would not even think twice about doing so. We do, however, have to cover ourselves against all eventualities, so that is why we have to qualify our answer with regard to temperature.

And the final result can look really good - as can be seen in the following ceiling cladding image: