Monday, February 14, 2005

V-Groove cladding

We regularly get asked about the different joint styles that our cladding utilizes. The three main ones are
  • flush joint
  • contrast joint
  • v-groove

We will be bolstering our pages to highlight these different joint styles to try and avoid confusion. Our Technical page has some images that show the differences but we appreciate we will have to improve the images to "see it in action"

One image that I just happened to notice that realy highlights the v-groove joint style very well is our Grey Marble bathroom cladding in the Evol 3000 range.

There is a link to a large image which gives a very accurate impression of how this joint style works. A smaller version of the image follows:

V-groove cladding is very effective for use in a big bathroom or if you have one open featureless wall, as the grooves help detract from what would otherwise be a large slab effect. The look is subtle yet effective.