Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Shower Panels Used on TV

ITV's 60 minute makeover shower utilised waterproof wall panelling as part of their overhaul of a property in Banbury.

Although they used a wood based system rather than the UPVC cladding that we sell, it still demonstrated the speed and ease with which this type of product goes up.

60 Minute Makeover used the panels inside a shower cubicle where the lack of grout and waterproof qualities are really appreciated.

Refurbishment work such as this can sometimes be tricky if there is an existing shower mixer valve that needs to be removed and replaced - the pipework supplying the valve does not always have enough "slack" to allow the unit to be moved out by the ticknoess of the panels which can be between 8 and 10mm for upvc panels (wood based panel thicknoesses vary according to the manufacturer).

It would have been nice to see the plastic version used as theyt are cheaper and generally much easier to fit but at least this form of bathroom wall covering got some exposure, which up until now has been quite limited.